Information on Enrollment

Taikijyuku welcomes new members. If you are interested in bushido or if you would like to learn about the spiritual culture and the roots of the Japanese samurai, please come and join us.

Observation is free and open. Anybody who would like to take a casual look is invited to visit the school during training hours. Trial experience in training is free of charge. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can check the location of the Taikijyuku training space at the reception of the Senshinkan. Members of Taikijyuku train wearing white tabi (split-toed socks).

Training Content

Instruction and training are offered according to the student’s degree of proficiency in a wide variety of martial arts including iaido, kenjutsu, bojutsu, hanbojutsu, shurikenjutsu, suemonogiri, naginatajutsu and jujutsu.


Anybody who is a junior high school student or older is qualified, regardless of age, sex or experience. We provide closely supervised training according to each student’s individual physical strength and proficiency level. Rest assured that you will enjoy the practice even if you are not confident of your physical strength. Please note in advance, however, that anybody judged likely to abuse martial arts will be declined. We will conduct an initial interview to determine the potential student's aptitude.


Q.Is the training very hard ?
A.The instruction will be tailored according to the student's physical strength. There is no need to worry about your personal physical strength.
Q.Will there anybody intimidating present ?
A.No. The instructors and students are all friendly.
Q.Will I be punched or injured ?
A.The exercise does not involve hurting each other. The swords used for training are model swords.
Q.Will there be matches or tournaments ?
A.The martial arts and bujutsu taught at Taikijyuku are different from other martial arts that have come to resemble sporting events. There are no matches or tournaments.
Q.Is it necessary to prepare all instruments from the beginning ?
A.Students will be requested to prepare their own instruments as they develop their skill. Until then, instruments will be lent.
Those who take part in training for the first time are asked to wear clothes that do no hamper the free movement of the body.
Wear tabi if you have a pair.

Training Schedul

Time/date : 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, every Sunday
Place Hall in Suita City or Headquarters Gymnasium
Monthly membership fee : 5,000 yen
Enrollment fee : None

Message from Shihan

With the awareness of being a keeper of Japanese culture, I apply myself to my training every day.

Shihan, Nakamura

I may seem somewhat severe but am actually very friendly.
So please don't hesitate to talk to me.

Student's comment

I like history and costume dramas and have always been interested in old martial arts.
What I find interesting is that it seems easy but in fact it's not.
I'm satisfied with the attentive instructions given and I enjoy martial arts as a hobby.
I intend to continue with my practice. (Mr. N in his second month as a member when interviewed)